Our Services

The company main services in the field of general trading are bellows:

Product Sourcing

One of our main services is product sourcing. We take the time and spent the energy to find you the best in the market at the best price. We will advise you on the choice regardless of what products you need.

Developing and Sourcing

At PDS Company, the first of our concerns is the source of the cut and quality testing and we have periodic visits to the factories that we deal with it. We follow-up quality with the factories that we deal with it and make a great effort in live up to the required level of our customers.

Delivery and Logistics

We have a large fleet of transport and we have the ability to send and receive shipments to our warehouse quickly burdens by virtue of our knowledge of heavy equipment that the customer wants is something far completion time.

Distribution & Marketing

You will find a profitable market within the Middle East, whether it’s for your products, technology, or services. In a region that has the buying power and the large population yet that lacks production and depends on imports, you need to consider the Middle East as a target market.
The problem facing most suppliers or manufactures is how to reach this complex market that lacks proper marketing tools and advertising. We are most familiar with this market and this region. Plus, we are specialized professionals in finding the right methods to target the market. 

Clearance of Shipments

That of the biggest problems faced by companies is the process of shipping and the speed of receiving goods and removing top speed and PDS has the capacity and staff who are able to complete the clearance of shipments, as well as we have contracted with larger companies for customs clearance and also have contracts with the largest companies in the field of air and ocean freight, ensuring speed in the arrival of shipments to the customer.

Technical Services

We also offer other technical services beyond procurement and sourcing in Ponte della Seta General Trading include:
IT Services
Facility Managements
Interior Design